Shards and splinters

Ok, so I know it’s Friday. I usually post on Thursday. I’m trying really hard to get my shit together and I needed the day yesterday. Sorry if I’ve ruined anyone’s blog-reading schedule. Really, what are the odds of that happening? But I guess time just got away from me. Funny, the way we talk about time like it’s a thing you can keep or use or save up. I’m reading a cool book about time right now, actually. I’ll blog about that soon.

Meanwhile, in the spirit of keeping my shit together, I’ve made a list for this week. Because I don’t have a real blog post and making lists makes me feel like I’ve actually done something. Helpful? Or delusional? I don’t know. But as a stopgap measure it’s working for now. A list of hopelessly disconnected but still somewhat relevant thoughts from this week, as well as a sublist (ooh, fancy!) of things I want to write about. Eventually. Soon. Ish.

Urm. Here you go:

List one – my stupid actual life:

I’m still working on quitting smoking. Down to about forty a week. A big improvement, but the real story here is: I only had one yesterday. One! Take that, nicotine addiction. If you were a person, I’d kick you in the balls.

My dog had puppies. She’s a little special needs, has a bad back, so it was super stressful. But everybody’s fine. Five pretty babies. They opened their eyes a couple of days ago and are acting like they want to learn to walk now. Screechy wee buggers. We’ve all just given up on sleep completely.

It’s tremendously geeky, and I’m prepared to be made fun of for it, but I’ve started RPGing my life. Because, you know, setting attainable goals and quantifying behavior and whatnot have never been my strong suit. I’m an aaahh-tist. A ninja list maker, and painfully organized, but trying to do the math on why I accomplish or do not accomplish the things I want is really hard. Graphs and charts and character sheets are helping. I suppose I should thank the ghost of Gary Gygax.

Jackie Kashian started following me on Twitter. Holy crap! She’s a stand-up comedian and I love her stuff. Check her out. I have no idea why she started following me, though. Unsolvable Twitter mysteries are one of those modern living problems that I just can’t wrap my head around.

List two – my awesome blog life (or, things you can look forward to hearing me bitch about):

SCOTUS, DOMA, Prop 8, hatred and morality in America. I’m waiting until we get a verdict before I take this one on. Mmm, bigfatjuicy ranty rant. Delicious.

Season four of Eureka is totally off the rails. Seriously, what the fuck happened? I’ve got to watch season five (which I think is only a half season) to see if they get it together or blow it completely.

All the conventions and festivals that I can’t go to. If I were vastly wealthy, this is what I’d spend my money on. Because there are awesome people I want to meet, congregated together in warm places in the world right now, you guys. And I’m jealous. And bored. And cold.

The ebook imprint argument between Random House and the Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America (of which John Scalzi is the current president – he documented this pretty thoroughly on his blog, but I want to chime in).

Google Reader is going away. This is really just a petty inconvenience for me, but the guy who invented RSS killed himself recently so I think it’s interesting timing. What does RSS do for the interwebs? For us? What does it all mean? Also, I hate Feedly.

Tomorrow, March 30th, is International TableTop Day. Table top gaming is making a huge comeback. How weird is that? Thanks, Wil Wheaton. (Check here for local events, and keep me posted if you go to a cool thing. Again, bored and jealous.)

Jonathan Coulton versus Glee, and the changing nature of copyright law. I’m waiting for a verdict on this one, too. It’s kind of related to a bunch of things, including the Random House/SFWA argument, Amanda Palmer’s TEDTalk, and social media culture. It’s big. It’s sprawly. I’m so stoked to write it.

I’m still waiting for my buddy to get that short story back to me so I can post it here. I haven’t forgotten. I’m not backing out. But editing is the most important part of writing. So be patient. You’ll see a piece of fiction from me. Soon. I promise.

David Foster Wallace and this weird awesome thing.

And oh so many other things that have been going on. They found Richard III’s body. The Phelps granddaughters left the WBC. Neil Gaiman wrote a crowdsourced book. Hipster zombies. It’s a really strange, wonderful time to be alive, y’all. I want to write it all down. I will. Just not today.

9 thoughts on “Shards and splinters

  1. I, on the other hand, loved Google Reader. Why do you hate Feedly? I need a replacement that works well mobile-y. Was using Flipboard now on Feedly (for the time being).

    1. I loved Google Reader, too. I think I hate Feedly because I’m not used to it yet, and because it wants to be all visual and user-friendly. I just need a list, damn it! A plain, old, ordinary list.

      1. You may have seen this already. Especially since you read the blogs and all. I loved the internet after this video.

      2. Try The Old Reader. Took forever for them to import my google rss but looks faithful to the GReader of old.

  2. Good for you on the smoking front – that’s a lot of progress!
    Ummmm…your dog had puppies AND YOU HAVEN’T SHARED PICS YET? This is the internet, lady, and there are still not enough adorable puppy pictures yet đŸ™‚
    I like that you’re RPGing your life – did you get that from Nerdist Way? I read it a while back and considered using it is a template….
    Bear with Eureka – it really does get better. So, so much better. Three words: Parrish vs. Fargo.
    I look forward to all your forthcoming blogs, particularly about DOMA, etc. It’s tough waiting till June to know, but I’m feeling pretty good about this one.

    1. Thank you. The progress feels good. Stressful and twitchy, but good.
      Puppy pics are coming. I’m waiting for them to sit up and move around and look like puppies instead of lumps of shapeless cute.
      The RPGing does come from the Nerdist Way, actually. I made some tweaks and am kind of doing it differently (mostly because I’m awful – reeeaaallly awful – at D&D). So far, so good.
      I’m willing to bear with Eureka, if only to be a completist about it. Have to find a stream for those season 5 eps, though, because Netflix is way behind.
      The DOMA thing is exciting, isn’t it? Hopefully we’re on the edge of something historically wonderful and we can tell our grandchildren about the day we all danced in the streets with happiness. God damn it, I really hope so.

      1. The Life RGPing thing amuses and intrigues me. I feel that there is a short story just waiting for me now about this. Also, looking really forward to your short story.

        1. Oh, there’s definitely a short story in there somewhere. Dude starts RPGing his life for self-improvement purposes, and gets sucked into a game world that’s based on him and that other people are also trapped in? Yes…I must go write this geekery now.

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